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Free downloadable software from GoodKeyWords

How to get people finding you through search engines?


Internet Marketing Mailing Lists, Newsgoups & Newsletters

Newsletters Library
The Internet's #1 source for free Newsletters where you can advertise. http://pub.savvy.com

Online Advertising

archives and FAQ: http://www.tenagra.com/online-ads/
moderator: Richard Hoy, owner-online-ads@mailserv.tenagra.com
posting address: online-ads@mailserv.tenagra.com

The place to find newsgroups of interest to you and your business at http://www.dejanews.com/
Please make sure to follow the "netiquette" rules when using newsgroups.

Mailing Lists
Comprehensive listing of publicly accessible mailing lists at http://www.liszt.com
Please make sure to follow the "netiquette" rules when using mailing lists.


Send you press release to over 10,000 newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio, etc.
ONLY $299.

Network-PR (a PlanetEarth Network service) will distribute your press releases via E-Mail to their highly qualified list of editors and feature journalists at ALL the popular newspapers and magazines as well as editors and producers at radio and TV broadcasting companies around the world. Go to http://www.gotomymall.com/earthnetwork/marketing/pr/index.htm


News Releases Corner
Learn the basics + Tracking Results
Go to http://www.gotomymall.com/marketing/pressrelease2.htm

Send you press release to up to 7,600 publications
Email for information

Gap Enterprises


If your company has a new press release, or if you are planning an event that you'd like to announce to the national news media, add your event, and journalists from major news organizations such as AP, MSNBC and FOX will be notified when they visit DaybookNews or when they receive their mailing list. http://www.daybooknews.com.

PR Web

You can get free help writing your press release. http://www.prweb.com/

newsbureau.gif (15250 bytes)

Excellent source for sending your press release, but also on how to write it. http://www.newsbureau.com/


Press Releases are distributed to Daily Newspapers, High-Tech and Business Publications, Online Media and Ezines, Radio, Television and Wire Services. http://www.submit2.com/pressrel.shtml

onelist.gif (2120 bytes) 
Free Mailing List system, advertisers supported. http://www.onelist.com/

Digital Dispatch - The newsletter of CNET: The Computer Network
More than 600,000 subscribers. Just send an email to dispatch@cnet.com with the following in the body: subscribe [your email address]

The Mike Enlow Letter; Technology Marketing News
Go by the site for details: http://www.enlow.com

Success Express Journal(TM)

Editor: Eric Edmeades
Published by Life-Press Communications - A Division Of Kaizen Technologies Inc.

Simply send a message to maiser@ten31.com with one of the following
commands in the subject and text fields:
subscribe sej
unsubscribe sej

The Leading Edge of 'Lectronic Marketing (tm)
Published by Headland Financial Associates {HFA}for and by our fellow Cyberpreneurs

To Subscribe, send email to Harry Pickett at:

Larry Chase/Chase Online Marketing Strategies larry@chaseonline.com
Web Digest For Marketers http://wdfm.com

Web Marketing Today! - A Free Bi-Weekly E-Mail Newsletter
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Editor rfwilson@wilsonweb.com
Back issues archived at http://www.wilsonweb.com/wmt/

PC World Watch:
To Subscribe:

1. Become a registered user of PC World Online at

2. Check the "subscribe to PC World Watch" box.

Dr. Nunley's site
Maybe the world's largest site for small business promotion

mediafinder.gif (3404 bytes)mediafinder2.gif (2094 bytes)

CEO Express: http://www.ceoexpress.com 

The "Internet Times"
Alternatively, you can read it on the Web at:

The Internet-Sales Digest
edited by John Audette, Your Striving Moderator.
FAQ, Information & Archives at
Subscribe by sending any (or no) message to:

Internet Executive
Immediately get 2500 visitors every day to your site and 75,000 banner ads on major ad networks every month for just $50! It is the latest marketing innovation from InternetExecutive and the next best thing since search engine placement. Our program is the equivalent to bulk emailing without having to spam. It will be the most powerful marketing weapon in your arsenal and is only available through InternetExecutive.

Search Engine Watch

Planet Ocean

The tricks of the trade - requires registration - well worth it! See sample of info here

Chat Rooms
Visit Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for information


Cool Tools & Resources
A moderated distribution list which may be used to announce the establishment of new e-mail mailing lists. To subscribe, send email and write "Subscribe NEW-LIST" in the body.
A direct marketing service giving you access to over 10 million North American business listings. Want to create a targeted mailing list? -- this is the place. By registering, you receive 50 free leads for your specific industry.
At Trade Show Central you'll find info about trade shows anywhere in the world. Summary and details on over 10,000 shows.
Provides details and comprehensive information on all current association programs and services.
This service allows you to query several different search engines in parallel. The concepts of data fusion are used to fuse the results returned, thus improving the overall quality of the search.
Tracks the URLs that are important to you. Like a faithful assistant, it reports by email if your site's search engine standings change.
Hands down, one of the best marketing newsletters we've ever seen. To subscribe (free), click the link above and type Your Name where indicated. Or, visit The CybrLink Group to learn more.
In this directory, you'll find loads of incredible, free software. Some boasting they can convert any page layout for viewing in any browser. Others claim they can convert Microsoft Word documents and more. A must see.
Ready to download, including a guestbook, chat center, free for all link page, bulletin board, charge card verifier, counters, simple search engine, random image displayers, and more.
The SBA boasts a large supply of more than 500 freeware, public domain, and shareware business programs. If you've just started a new business, you'll want to visit the Business Plan Road Map.
If you've ever wondered how your page might look in other browsers, this site allows you to view the virtues and constraints imposed by each, including those used by American Online and CompuServe.
Brand new search engine. Doesn't accept listings but does a superior job of finding things by metasearching a number of other search engine indexes. For serious searching, this could be a simple solution.
This site is a cornucopia of book marketing information. Much of it resides in books that can be purchased through the site, but there are some free reports and other book marketing tips that deserve a read through.
A free Web clipping service that can search more than 300 publications for specific news. The database includes publications like Sports Illustrated, The New York Times and others.
I / US
If you are into DTP, graphics, or Website publishing, this site is like "info central" for the design professional.
NetMarketing, a regular section of Advertising Age's Business Marketing, offers a searchable database of Net marketing case studies, Web developers, tutorials and more.
On the hunt for plug-ins? Then this is Plug-In Heaven! A very intelligent, informative and well designed site offering the latest news and a complete list of browser plug-ins, Active X Controls and browser data.
This is a very straightforward and seemingly very comprehensive structure of topic indexes to Web sites. We emphasize the "straightforward" because so few Web directories seem to be very easy to use quickly.
Virtual Online Virtual Online is a collection of Sites for Virtual Search Engines, Entertainment, the Internet, Computing, Shareware and WebMaster Guides.
Easy to follow guide on software, free tools and services on how to build and maintain professional web site without spending lots of $$$.
DW Infoserver uses various network tools and CGI scripts to gather and organize information from the Internet / Intranet / Extranet for business and research.
Free extensive articles and resources numbering in the thousands. A trove of information on Web marketing.
At this free site you'll find all the currently supported html codes.
If it's a business, you'll probably find it at this site. Besides the yellow page listings, you'll also find personal and business white pages and government pages. There's even a cool map feature that shows you exactly how to get there.
At the US Postal Service site you can look up someone's ZIP+4 Code, and you can even find out the "official" abbreviations for words like apartment, avenue or street. Lots of useful information here.
This site contains 1000's of original images that include: GIF animations, buttons, bullet points & backgrounds. It also contains 100's of pages of Adobe Photoshop and HTML graphics.
Here's an easy way to the best of the Web! Hotsheet has over 400 carefully selected sites with minimum graphics for maximum performance. Find what you need fast.
A beautifully designed site, which delivers upwards of forty original fonts available for instant downloading at a reasonable price. This site also offers a few commercial quality free fonts that are as unique as they are utilitarian.
Another fantastic email resource. If it's related to email, this site will point you to the best resource or solution.
At Download.com, you'll find the very best in freeware, shareware and software you can buy. Short useful reviews tell you what each program does. Software is organized into many cateogries.
ey Nance! This site is jam packed with goodies. Hop over to his site and dig in. It's big and juicy and brimming with resources. Abundance at every turn.
The Web's coolest site for small and home-based business owners looking for new ideas. Review 365 ideas you can use right now!
WM Central caters to webmasters from around the globe by giving them Web news, articles on various topics, tools, books, dhtml resources & demos, a listing of who's hiring in the Web world, and a free email newsletter.
Award winning resource center for entrepreneurs, SOHO Business, and webmasters. Website promotion and press release help listings and tutorials. While many features are free some requires clients pay a fee.
Emap Internet Sales has been established to remove the problems of where to look for the largest numbers of UK internet users and how to reach them. Emap Internet Sales delivers a cohesive UK focused audience as well as a list of online marketing and tracking.
Check this site out for free marketing tips, cheapskate advice, and free information. More than 160 articles and book excerpts in all. Affordable, effective marketing materials and strategies.
SCORE has more than 12,000 volunteer business counselors ready to share their expertise with you through free and confidential business advice. SCORE business counselors are well-versed in how to develop effective business plans and create strategies.
A search engine and matchmaking service for manufacturers, sales reps and distributors. They help reps and principals to connect.
Resources for professionals, students and teachers. The most extensive collection of advertising-related links on the Web! List your URL by clicking on the vertical submit button on their index page.
FreeLinks categorizes directories, search engines, and awards sites where webmasters can list their web sites for free. An award winning web site promotion resource.
AKA The List of Marketing Lists. A great resource if you're into marketing lists.
Beaucoup Search Engines. Search engines on many subjects in many languages. Here's a good source for industry-specific linking sites.
List City is a free advertising exchange program for publishers of e-mail digests, newsletters and e-zines.
A content Based image and video based search and catalog tool for the Web.

User Demographics

About.com Stats Center Answers to your most common questions on Internet statistics.
AC Nielsen Internet Fact Book Variety of Canadian home and business use Internet statistics.
Cyber Atlas CyberAtlas is the Web marketer's guide to online facts.The site provides readers with valuable statistics and Web marketing information, enabling them to understand their business environment and make more informed business decisions.
Cyber Dialogue Cyber Dialogue, Inc. originated online market research in 1993 and today is widely regarded as an industry authority in executing one-to-one marketing, online database marketing, and online market research.
D-code D-Code helps companies understand, attract and retain members of the Nexus Generation (individuals 18 to 35). Whether your challenge relates to marketing, human resources or public policy, d~Code can help you find the best way to attract and retain Nexus to your company, products, services or programs.
Digital Living Room Greenfield Online is pleased to present the Digital Living Room Consumer Index, a semiannual study of the Digital Consumer conducted in partnership with David Coursey and Upside Events.
eDoppler eDoppler monitors Website speeds from multiple cities so Website owners can effectively monitor their site, and Website visitors can compare performance before choosing which site to visit.
Emarketer eMarketer is one of the leading authorities on building, promoting and maintaining successful businesses on the internet. Businesspeople who want to learn how to do business and communicate online visit -- again and again -- to find the news and information they need, and to be stimulated by new initiatives and ideas in e-commerce.
GVU’s WWW User Surveys Georgia Tech's Graphic, Visualization, & Usability Center conducts semi-annual surveys of WWW demographics.
HeadCount.com International Communications' Headcount.com summarizes market research reports giving you quick, easy access to the size of Internet markets worldwide.
Iconocast / Internet at a Glance ICONOCAST is the definitive source for facts, figures, trends, and rumors in the Internet marketing industry.
Internet Indicators The Internet Economy Indicators are designed to quantify the sales volume and employment in various groups of Internet-related products and services. They are derived from analysis of four "Layers" of the Internet Economy: Internet Infrastructure, Internet Applications, Internet Intermediary, Internet Commerce.
Internet World Statistics Toolbox A collection of statistics on various Internet and technology related fields such as: ecommerce, web sites, software, hardware and etc…
Library of Congress This collection of statistical data may be useful to school personnel, librarians, parents, students and community members as they create studies and reports about technology use in homes, schools and communities. It contains information about computer and Internet use within the United States.
Nielsen / Net Ratings Nielsen Media Research, ACNielsen and NetRatings, Inc. jointly offer Nielsen//NetRatings audience measurement services that provide site publishers, media buyers, e-commerce companies, Internet marketers and the financial community with the most accurate and reliable information about how people use the Internet.
Nua Internet Surveys Nua Internet Surveys is the authoritative source online for information on Internet demographics and trends.
Strategis - The Internet in Canada Industry Canada provides information on the key industrial sectors which are converging in the new economy and their contribution to Canada's economic growth.
Submerged Ideas Statistics of domain name sales over the past 18 months.
Survey Net Survey-Net is the source for user demographics on the Internet. We invite everyone to participate in our online surveys - the first of their kind where you can instantly see the compiled results!
The Internet Index The Internet Index is an occasional collection of facts and statistics about the Internet and related activities.
USADATA.com USADATA.com is a leading provider of marketing, company, advertising and consumer behavior data in the U.S. USADATA.com integrates various sources of data collected by the nation's leading information companies to deliver the most comprehensive information solutions available to our clients.
Web Novice "Web Stats" Here students and researchers can find quick information on the latest newsworthy Statistics, related to anything about the Internet.


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